2016 – 2017 Studio Policies

COMMITMENT:  I will do my very best to provide the highest quality instruction and an enthusiastic and positive learning environment.

STUDENT/FAMILY RESPONSIBILITIES: Students agree to arrive on time and prepared with their lessons books and binder. Parents may wait in the waiting room, but are not required to stay during the lesson. Parents are encouraged to sit in on lessons 4-5 times during the year, and during the last 15 minutes of any lesson. Students should wash their hands before coming into the lesson room.

TUITION AND PAYMENT:  Books and materials will be charged separately.

Tuition is charged for 32 lessons yearly, divided into 9 equal monthly payments, due by the first lesson of the month. Tuition remains the same regardless of the number of lessons in the month.

June – August 2017: Students who wish to continue in the fall should take at least 5 lessons over the summer. Summer lessons are paid for in advance.

Late payments will be assessed a $15 late fee. Please make checks payable to Wendy Pace. I also accept online payments via PayPal. A $3.00 charge will be added for processing costs.

WHAT TUITION COVERS:  Investing in music lessons benefits you and your child through much more than just the time spent during lessons. Here are just some of the things that are included:

  • Preparation time – trips to the music store, lesson planning, bookkeeping, development of teaching materials and curriculum
  • Teacher training and experience
  • Continuing Education: conferences, classes, and workshops each year
  • Recital costs and preparation
  • Professional organization memberships
  • Professional Journals
  • Studio expenses: piano tunings, copying, computer software, incentive programs, instruments.
  • Music lending library, CD’s
  • Property taxes, self-employment taxes, insurance, retirement

RECITALS AND OPPORTUNITIES:  There will be 2 recitals a year. Students are encouraged but not required to participate. Students also have the opportunity to participate in any MMTA or Federation activities (additional fees apply).

PRACTICE TIME AND PARENT PARTICIPATION:  Quality of practice is emphasized over quantity. A general rule of thumb for beginning to intermediate students is 30 minutes, at least 5 days per week. However, research has proven that multiple short practice sessions are far more beneficial than one long practice per day. One effective strategy is practice 15 minutes before breakfast and 15 minutes before dinner. Practice charts will be provided and students and parents should read and refer to all assignments each week. Parent involvement at home is essential for young beginning students to succeed.

MAKEUP LESSONS:  Any lesson I must cancel will be made up. No credit or makeup lessons will be given for students who miss lessons for any reason. *A student enrolled in a group class may request to join another group class that same week or the next, provided there is space available.

Please understand that you reserve an exclusive weekly time in my schedule. Unlike a hairdresser or doctor, I cannot resell that time. A student who misses a lesson for any reason will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. However, if enough advance notice is given, I am able to conduct Skype or phone lessons during the student’s regular lesson time, or I will use that time to write assignments for the week and plan for the student’s progress, which I will email to the student within 24 hours. Group performance classes scheduled 3-4 times a year may be used as a form of “makeup” lessons.

Other options are: a sibling or friend may take the place of the student for that lesson time. I will also have an Email Swap List, with which you may trade your lesson time with another student. I must be informed before and after arranging a swap lesson. Please notify me if you do not wish to have your name included on the swap list.

SNOW DAYS:  If schools in the Minnetonka School District are cancelled, lessons may still be ON. Often times the roads are cleared by 3:00 pm and I will be able to make scheduled times. Please allow me to review the current road conditions. I will notify you by email by 1:00 pm (at the latest ) on your lesson day, or will contact you by phone.

ILLNESS: Students who are ill should not come to piano lessons. I can conduct a Skype/phone lesson, or the extra group performance classes are offered for make-ups.

DISCONTINUING LESSONS:   If you must stop lessons, 1 month’s written notice or 1 month’s tuition is required.

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