Two Terrible Goals for Music Education

When you consider signing up your child for music lessons, what do you want for them?

If you want them to have “fun”, they most definitely will fail to become a functional musician.

If you let your child believe learning to play the piano (or any instrument) should be “easy”, they will be in for misery and disappointment.

If you want them to learn a skill, and are willing to travel that journey with them at least the first few years, then the satisfaction, motivation, and “fun” will happen when their hard work and discipline pays off in playing “easily”. Watch them flourish.

Dan Severino posted this a few years back, but it is never more relevant and important than today. “The Truth About Music Lessons” is well worth the read, even if it stings a little.

“I have never heard ANYONE who makes their living in music say the thing they remember most about their teacher is that they made lessons “fun”.  Challenging – yes. Interesting – yes. Demanding – yes.  ”Fun” –  NEVER!”

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What was your experience as a child? Did you take music lessons? I’d love to hear your comments.


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